Bahrain Leads the Way in UN Children’s Rights Implementation

Mr. Sabah Al-Zayani, Chairman of the Bahrain Future Society for Youth, with which the “Smile” initiative is affiliated, providing psychological and social support to children with cancer in Bahrain, emphasized that the Kingdom of Bahrain stands as a trailblazer in implementing the principles outlined in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Kingdom ratified this convention in 1992, undertaking significant measures to safeguard children’s rights within the constitution, legal frameworks, policies, and educational programs.

Mr. Al-Zayani highlighted the proactive role played by official, private, and civil entities in Bahrain, all contributing to achieving the highest levels of protection for children. The collective effort aims to establish a positive and secure environment for their growth and development, ensuring their rights to education, health, protection, and care is firmly entrenched.

On the occasion of International Children’s Day, Mr. Al-Zayani noted that Bahrain commemorates a substantial journey in childcare and empowering future generations. This reflects the nation’s consistent commitment to supporting and investing in children, recognizing them as the genuine wealth of the country. He commended the dedication of relevant authorities in providing comprehensive support and care for children in Bahrain, leveraging all available resources to secure their future. He specifically praised the issuance of the Restorative Justice Law for Children and their Protection from Abuse, a crucial step in safeguarding those under the age of eighteen.

Mr. Al-Zayani said: “This occasion brings to mind a significant track record of human development in the field of childcare in the Kingdom of Bahrain, underscoring the endeavors of the esteemed government and the collective support of public and private sector institutions. Their combined efforts aim to realize children’s rights and elevate them to greater heights. It emphasizes that this event serves as an opportunity to spotlight the accomplishments attained by the Kingdom in the field of childcare and empowerment, it also underscores the commitment to creating a nurturing environment that ensures a wholesome social, educational, health, and cultural upbringing for every child.”

Mr. Al-Zayani underscored Bahrain’s unwavering commitment to children with special needs, especially those confronting cancer. He highlighted the specialized care and attention extended by the Ministry of Health and relevant government agencies to children grappling with this illness. He acknowledged the pivotal role played by the “Smile” initiative in tending to and supporting children with cancer, fostering an optimal environment for their well-being, promoting awareness about childhood cancer, and rallying community support for these young patients.

Within this framework, Mr. Al-Zayani emphasized the significance of utilizing this occasion to reassert the dedication to children’s rights and to ensure the safeguarding of a protective and healthy environment for the children of the State of Palestine. He drew attention to the formidable challenges faced by these children, characterized by daily violations of their rights that impact various facets of their lives and strip them of their fundamental rights, and he called for the activation of international organizations to champion the rights of these children, urging all concerned parties and the international community to collaborate in bringing an end to the persistent violations. Additionally, he appealed for providing assistance and support to enhance their conditions and guarantee their care and protection.

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