Bahrain International Airport welcomes KSA passengers with a grand welcome to mark National Day feastivities

Celebrating the joyous occasion of 93rd KSA National Day, Bahrain International Airport extended a warm welcome to all Saudi Arabian passengers arriving in Bahrain with national day festivities. Saudi Arabian travellers were treated to a delightful array of cultural activities that showcased the strong and enduring ties between the two countries. The festivities included performances by an Arabic traditional band, a display of extensive Arabic hospitality and special giveaways that included KSA-themed chocolate boxes and tote bags.  

These vibrant celebrations at Bahrain International Airport serve as a testament to a rich history of collaboration and partnership in aviation, between the two countries’ national airline carriers. Gulf Air has been proudly operating flights to and from Saudi Arabia since 1950, serving more than 10,000 via 100 flights every week. Additionally, SAUDIA airline, has been annually bringing over 62,078 passengers to Bahrain from its two major cities, Jeddah and Riyadh.  

Photo-caption release and images have been attached for your reference.

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