Bahrain International Airport achieves ACI Public Health & Safety Readiness Accreditation

Bahrain International Airport (BIA) has earned the prestigious Airports Council International (ACI) Public Health & Safety Readiness Accreditation, for successfully demonstrating its proactive management practices and commitment to safety and well-being of Bahrain International Airport’s passengers. This acknowledgment aligns BIA’s ongoing commitment to prioritize health and safety measures in strict accordance with the ICAO Council Aviation Recovery Task Force (CART) recommendations and the health protocols outlined by ACI Aviation Business Restart and Recovery guidelines.

The ACI Public Health & Safety Readiness Accreditation program serves as a testament to Bahrain International Airport’s capabilities to manage unforeseen public health and safety disruptive events, by demonstrating it can effectively respond to crises while maintaining the highest level of service and passenger’s satisfaction. This is to ensure that the airport is well-equipped with a degree of readiness to provide a secure and comfortable environment for all passengers, employees, and partners at all times. Bahrain International Airport holds certification valid until 2026.

In its commitment to fostering long-term sustainability and ensuring airports to be well-prepared for uncertainties, ACI World encourages airports to adjust their strategies and operations. This is crucial for effective planning in response to unforeseen health crises, with an aim to minimise the impact on civil aviation.

The Public Health & Safety Readiness accreditation assesses how closely an airport aligns its public health and safety measures with the ACI Business Restart and Recovery guidelines, the ICAO Council’s Aviation Recovery Taskforce (CART) recommendations, and other industry best practices. It also ensures consistency with CAPSCA recommendations for States.

The certification recognises Bahrain International Airport efforts to protect the health and safety of passengers and airport staff. This programme objectively evaluates business continuity in the event of pandemics. The accreditation also assures that BIA has the infrastructure and resources necessary to respond to any public health emergency.

Commenting on the ACI Public Health & Safety Readiness Accreditation, Mr. Mohamed Yousif Al Binfalah, Chief Executive Officer at Bahrain Airport Company, said: “This marks a significant milestone for our entire airport team as we achieve yet another significant recognition by ACI World in our journey to align with international aviation standards and contribute to the development of Bahrain’s aviation sector. It underscores our unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of our passengers and the broader public while highlighting our ongoing commitment to enhancing the sustainability of our airport operations. This accreditation serves as a testament to our proactive management practices and our preparedness to tackle any future challenges.”

In addition, this certification recognizes the relentless dedication of our airport in enhancing health and safety standards and bolstering airport operations, aligning perfectly with our commitment to evaluating and securing business continuity during pandemics through an impartial assessment initiative. With this accreditation, our airport gains the confidence that it possesses the essential infrastructure and resources to respond swiftly and effectively to any health emergency.”

Abdulla Janahi, Chief Development and Technical Officer at Bahrain International Airport said, “Obtaining this certificate has been a rigorous process, and it is a testament to the dedication of our Health, Safety, and Environment departments. They have diligently applied the most stringent health and safety standards by thoroughly reviewing and evaluating all travel and arrival procedures, ensuring strict adherence to ACI recommendations and the directives of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). Through this achievement, we have effectively showcased our preparedness to confront any future challenges that may arise.”

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