Bahrain Dermatology, Laser, and Aesthetics Conference Eyes Gulf Destination for Next Edition

The higher committee of the sixth edition of the “Bahrain Dermatology, Laser, and Aesthetics Conference” have advocated for the upcoming 2024 edition to be hosted at the Gulf Cooperation Council level. This proposal stems from the desire to allow member states to leverage the Kingdom of Bahrain’s extensive expertise acquired through six consecutive conferences, as the conference has garnered substantial recognition among cosmetic doctors in Bahrain and the region due to its exceptional scientific content, impactful workshops, and the insightful working papers presented during the event.

Furthermore, the committee emphasized the importance of fostering research collaborations among professionals and practitioners in dermatology and cosmetology. It stressed the need for investments in research and development to enhance treatments and services available to patients within relevant medical facilities. Additionally, there was a consensus on the significance of staying abreast of developments in dermatology and aesthetic medicine, and to achieve this, the committee suggested the organization of regular meetings, scientific workshops, and specialized conferences to facilitate continuous learning and knowledge exchange within the field.

The committee emphasized the imperative of advancing the training and professional development of dermatologists, laser specialists, and cosmetologists. It proposed the establishment of a regional support and training center tailored for new doctors. This center would organize specialized training courses and workshops led by experienced and competent professionals. These sessions would cover the latest technologies and medical procedures, enabling participants to enhance their skills and stay abreast of contemporary cosmetic practices and treatments.

Dr. Ameen Al-Awadhi, Consultant Dermatologist and Chairman of the Conference, expressed the organizers’ satisfaction with the sixth session’s outcomes. He highlighted their commitment to monitoring the conference’s results by fostering communication with various organizations, associations, committees, and skin, laser, and Aesthetics entities at the Gulf, regional, and global levels. These efforts would be facilitated through forums and open discussions, aiming to exchange best practices and localize them in Bahrain. The focus would be on showcasing the latest innovations in dermatology, laser, and Aesthetics, thereby promoting continuous medical education.

Additionally, Dr. Husain Juma, Consultant Dermatologist and Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the Conference, extended his gratitude to all members of the Scientific Committee, committees, and experts involved in shaping the conference program and ensuring the quality of its scientific content. He emphasized the need to elevate the standards of skin care by expanding the conference’s scope and attracting more participants in the upcoming editions.

 Dr. Juma also stressed the importance of encouraging doctors to employ modern technologies in diagnosis and treatment. He underscored the significance of deepening cooperation between the public and private sectors by adhering to global therapeutic protocols and planning a national framework for common skin diseases, guided by the conference’s recommendations.

Dr. Ahmed Shahda, CEO of BDA, the organizer of Bahrain Dermatology, Laser, and Aesthetics Conference and vice president of the conference, highlighted the active participation of numerous Bahraini, regional, and international companies during the three-day event. These companies showcased the latest therapeutic products, laser devices, and cosmetic innovations.

Dr. Shahda emphasized that the conference’s and exhibition’s success underscored the dedication of organizers and participants in creating an exceptional platform for knowledge exchange, fostering scientific and professional cooperation, and driving sustainable progress in the realms of beauty and dermatology.

Both participants and exhibitors expressed gratitude for the invaluable opportunity to engage and collaborate with peers from across the globe, enabling the exchange of experiences, knowledge, and the expansion of professional networks. They commended the efforts of the organizing committee in orchestrating this crucial event and appreciated the event’s high caliber, evident in the scientific and technical quality of lectures and presentations.

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