Bahrain among first countries to authorise ‘Mounjaro’ injection

The National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) has authorised the use of the Mounjaro Tirzepatide Injection, which contributes to reducing the level of cumulative blood sugar, according to the licensing mechanisms in force in the Kingdom.
The move is within the framework of the Kingdom’s keenness to provide all medications that contribute to the treatment of chronic diseases related to obesity and diabetes, the NHRA said.
The NHRA indicated that the Mounjaro needle is available in the kingdom’s pharmacies, and should be used in accordance with medical prescriptions and after undergoing the necessary medical examinations, adding that Bahrain is among the first countries to provide this medicine in its markets.
The NHRA added that the Mounjaro needle has been licensed as it is one of the effective injections for treating type 2 diabetes, noting that it contributes to lowering A1C and losing weight.
The National Health Regulatory Authority underlined its keenness to conduct in-depth studies on all medicines and pharmaceuticals, as well as ensure their safe use, within the scope determined by the health authorities in the Kingdom.


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