BAB’s Mentorship Program Connects Mrs. Dalal Al Qais with RUW Students

The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) arranged a gathering between Mrs. Dalal Al Qais, Group CEO of Bahrain Development Bank, and students from the Royal University for Women (RUW). This initiative is part of BAB’s ongoing program, aiming to facilitate regular interactions between prominent figures in the financial and banking sectors and students studying financial sciences in various universities and institutes across Bahrain.

During the event, Mrs. Al Qais shared insights from her extensive 21-year-long career in the banking industry. Her wealth of experience served as a valuable resource for the students, inspiring them to consider her as a role model in their own careers. She provided real-life examples of how one can ascend to the highest echelons of success, emphasizing the importance of determination and expertise in achieving future goals.

Mrs. Al Qais offered valuable professional advice to the students participating in the event, emphasizing the importance of continuous learning through lifelong education. She highlighted the significance of staying updated with the latest information by utilizing resources such as libraries, periodicals, and international events. Additionally, she discussed the inspiring personal qualities necessary for success both in one’s professional endeavors and in life in general.

Professor Yusra Mouzughi, the President of the Royal University for Women, expressed her appreciation for the collaboration with the Bahrain Association of Banks in organizing the event. She noted how the event enriched the experiences and knowledge of the university’s students and provided them with a successful role model in the form of Mrs. Dalal Al Qais, a pioneering Bahraini woman in the financial and banking services sector. She also highlighted Mrs. Al Qais remarkable journey and her ability to share her experiences and insights on the challenges and opportunities faced by women in the financial and banking field.

Dr. Waheed Al Qassim, the CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks, extended his gratitude to Mrs. Dalal Al Qais for her valuable contribution to the event. He appreciated the information she shared, which encapsulated the accumulated experiences of a distinguished banking personality in Bahrain. He emphasized that the Bahrain Association of Banks will continue organizing similar meetings with students. The goal is to familiarize them with the practices of industry leaders and enhance their understanding of the entire financial and banking sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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