BAB and University College of Bahrain Foster Collaborative Strategies

The Bahrain Association of Banks (BAB) recently convened a meeting with the University College of Bahrain to discuss collaborative initiatives in various areas of mutual interest.

The discussion encompassed conducting research and studies on the banking sector, engaging university students in the association’s guidance programs, inviting experts and prominent figures from the financial and banking industry to enrich students’ practical knowledge, and organizing joint workshops with mutually beneficial outcomes for both parties and the nation of Bahrain.

This occurred at a reception hosted by Prof. Khalid M. Al Khalifa, the Founder of the University College of Bahrain and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, for Dr. Waheed Al Qasim, CEO of the Bahrain Association of Banks.

Prof. Khalid M. Al Khalifa expressed gratitude for BAB’s proactive approach in reaching out to the university and their commitment to fostering collaboration. He emphasized that such initiatives enhance educational and training opportunities for students, strengthen the professional connections between the university and the banking sector, and provide valuable avenues for students to gain insights into the banking industry through training programs, lectures, and job opportunities.

Dr. Waheed Al Qassim emphasized BAB’s commitment to offering students essential experiences and guidance, aimed at enhancing their understanding of the significance of financial and banking studies.

 “The Association is dedicated to providing university students with practical exposure, allowing them to simulate real-life banking experiences. This hands-on opportunity enables effective practice in the banking field and promotes greater integration of Bahraini talents within both sectors. Such integration plays a pivotal role in strengthening the presence of Bahraini professionals across diverse banking sectors, including senior management positions.” According to Dr. Al Qassim.

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