Axidian Sparks Innovation at AICS 2023 in NGN’s Pavilion!

Axidian, a leading cybersecurity company based in Dubai, participated in the pavilion of NGN, Bahraini IT Systems Integrations and Managed Cyber Security Company at the second edition of the Arab International Cybersecurity Summit (AICS)2023, the largest event of its kind in the region. This participation was in accordance with a memorandum of understanding signed between Axidian and NGN on the sidelines of their joint participation in GITEX 2023.

Axidian presented a diverse range of solutions, products, and services related to information security, identity management, access control, and authentication. The showcased offerings included products designed to replace passwords with biometric authentication on enterprise devices, establish a unified access point for company applications, and enable access to information systems using radio identification cards. Additionally, Axidian highlighted its solutions in central authentication management during the event.

Mr. Yaqoub Al Awadhi, CEO of NGN, said: “Through our pavilion, we aspire to deliver a cutting-edge, collaborative platform showcasing digital solutions meticulously crafted to meet the exacting demands of enterprises, service operators, governments, and SMEs. Our commitment involves presenting an exclusive array of solutions and products, meticulously curated from our offerings and those of our esteemed partners across diverse cybersecurity domains.”

Mr. Georgy Ovanesyan, the CEO of Axidian, expressed his delight regarding the company’s participation in the event. He stated, “We feel privileged to be a part of the second edition of AICS, which stands out as the leading international gathering of key leaders and decision-makers in the cybersecurity field.”

Mr. Ovanesyan highlighted Axidian’s commitment to addressing emerging challenges in the global digital landscape. He emphasized that the summit serves as an ideal platform for sharing expertise in various areas of work, such as authentication, access management, privileged access management (PAM), public key infrastructure (PKI), identity threat detection and response, and information sharing. Furthermore, he underscored the significance of fostering collaboration and exchanging visions and ideas with the broader cybersecurity community.

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