Arabian Gulf University Participates in the First Primary Health Care Centres Conference

Dr Abdulla Ismaeel Assistance Professor in the Surgery Department in the Arabian Gulf University’s (AGU) College of Medicine and Medical Sciences (CMMS), took part in the inaugural Primary Health Care Centres Conference (PHCC).

The event, themed “From Theory to Excellence”, included a workshop led by Dr Ismaeel on surgical skills for primary care doctors. The conference featured training workshops, discussion sessions, lectures and scientific papers focusing on the advancement of primary health care policies, medical innovations and enhancing quality and safety in health services.

Around 800 specialist doctors, academics, consultants, experts, students and healthcare enthusiasts participated in the conference. 30 scientific posters were presented covering various medical topics related to the conference theme.

Additionally, 76 specialists from both local and international backgrounds discussed key issues in family medicine and emergency medicine, including infection control, vaccinations, chronic illnesses, mental health, oral health and other relevant topics. The aim of the conference was to bolster national capacities and improve the healthcare sector by cultivating high competencies and offering appropriate services.

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