American School of Bahrain Rolls Out “Head Start Program” for 2-Year-Olds

The American School of Bahrain has the pleasure to introduce the Head Start Program, which provides structured learning and development opportunities for children aged 2 years. The program is distinguished by its international team of highly-experienced, specially trained Early Childhood educators, which, together with the world-class facilities at ASB, presents an unparalleled pre-school experience for children in Bahrain.

Designed by the school’s Early Childhood Center, the program is built on foundational principles that prioritize each child’s success, foster a nurturing environment, provide genuine assessments, enhance self-regulation skills, and encourage active parent collaboration.

“The Head Start Program emphasizes play, direct experiences, and active learning as a primary method of instruction. It is backed by over 30 years of research that proves the significance of these in early childhood education,” said Casey Bucheler, Principal of the school’s Early Childhood Center. She elaborated, “We follow a comprehensive curriculum encompassing seventeen key developmental and learning areas covering Communication and Language; Physical Development; Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Literacy; Mathematics; Understanding the World; and Expressive Arts and Design.”

Ms. Bucheler notes that research has shown a correlation between participation in quality pre-school programs like Head Start and increased educational achievement, employment rates, and social skills. She attributes this to the social, cognitive, and emotional skills children develop when interacting with their peers. The Head Start Program also supports a child’s transition to primary school by helping them form positive relationships with others and develop a sense of belonging within the school.

During the Head Start year, the ASB Early Childhood (EC) team will assess the development of each child. Parents will receive feedback regarding their child’s progress and readiness for the subsequent Pre-KG program at ASB, with an option for priority, early enrollment.

Dave McMaster, Director of the American School of Bahrain, remarked, “The importance of early education in shaping a child’s future is something we have always understood. With our experienced educators, top-notch facilities, and a holistic curriculum, we hope to set our students on a path of lifelong learning and success through the Head Start program”.

Admissions into the Head Start Program have commenced, interested parents can contact the school directly at 1721-1800 or visit the school’s website at

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