Alzayani Investments celebrates three of its distinguished employees

Alzayani Investments is grateful for all the contributions and efforts of its skilled and driven employees. The group would not be where it is today if not for their hard work and devotion. Therefore, Alzayani Investments would like to highlight three distinguished employees and their marvelous achievements along their many years of service.

The first success story is of Mahmood Maki who joined Alzayani Investments in 2006 as a Sr. Credit Control Supervisor at Zayani Leasing. With hard work, ingenuity, and a commitment to excellence, he expeditiously advanced within the organization. In 2011, Mahmood was elevated to Assistant Group Credit Control Manager at Alzayani Investments. He focused on implementing and enhancing internal policies and procedures that created key improvements in accordance with industry best practices. Due to Mahmood’s progress, work ethics and evident efforts, he was promoted to the role of Group Credit Control Manager for Alzayani Investments in 2022. Mahmood Maki’s continuous improvements efforts brought forth further enhancements to Alzayani Investments’ internal policies. As a testament to his impact on the organization, Mahmood was appointed General Manager of Zayani Leasing & Bodyworks in January 2024. He advises the new employees at Alzayani Investments to: “Believe in yourself, be persistent in your pursuit of excellence, and never stop learning. The opportunities for growth and success within Alzayani Investments are limitless, and your dedication will be rewarded.”

The second success story talks about Mohammed Zaki’s journey at Alzayani Investments that began in 2011 with him being the General Manager of Zayani Motors. Zaki led an impressive work life in the automotive industry for twenty years that equipped him with many tools to introduce new brands, manage his teams effectively and achieve targets. With Mohammed’s devotion and excellent skills, he has successfully introduced the brands of MG and Hongqi. Mohammed continuously acts as a mentor for the members of the team and regularly pushes to set and meet annual goals. Having remarkable achievements, Mohammed has been appointed General Manager of First Motors as of December 2023. Mohammed Zaki has contributed a lot to the organizational growth, productivity and efficiency at the group, and he states “Alzayani Investments group encourages retention and equips employees with the needed training and guidance that helps them grow to become future managers. Always keep in mind that hard work and dedication can get you to the desired destination.”

Alzayani Investments concludes with the third success story of Rizwan Tariq who first joined Alzayani Investments in 2007 as an Assistant Sales Manager at Zayani Motors. Driven by a desire to consistently develop his skills, he proved his unwavering dedication and work ethic, and soon elevated to the position of Assistant General Manager at Zayani Motors serving from 2011 until 2022. Rizwan showcased leadership qualities in achieving targets namely in areas of after sales services and used car sales. As a result, he was promoted to the role of General Manager at Zayani Leasing & Bodyworks in June 2022. Due to his efforts and passion, Rizwan was appointed General Manager of Zayani Motors in January 2024, the company where he first began his career. Rizwan says “Seeing individuals, like myself, rise through the ranks, I am reminded of the limitless opportunities that lie ahead for all employees. This sets a motivating example to all of us to channel our energy and passion into our work, knowing that we are part of an organization that believes in our abilities and is dedicated to propelling us towards more growth and prosperity.”

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