Alshaya Group is at the forefront of circularity through digital innovation and connected recycling initiatives

Through a series of recently launched projects, leading international retail franchiser Alshaya Group, is accelerating the shift towards a circular model by being the first in the region to adopt a digital zero-trust process of circular sustainable solutions.

The initiative, which was piloted in the UAE, employs technology from a leading digital supplier in collaboration with Dgrade and Al Bayader to convert PET waste generated by Alshaya brands in the Mall of the Emirates into recycled new plastic containers, which are then utilised back by the brands. The brands participating in this pilot are Starbucks, Shake Shack, Pinkberry and P.F Chang’s.

Speaking about this pilot programme, Seneca Cottom, Head of Sustainability, Alshaya Group, said: “Through our first initiative, we aim to promote the circular economy and lead the industry towards a more sustainable, responsive and efficient future. Along with our partners, we have reduced Alshaya’s trial outlets’ waste volumes by almost 40% over a two-month trial period, and we see great potential to adopt different means and reduce even more waste thanks to all the insights and learnings we have made throughout this pilot phase.”

“We are deeply committed to driving progress towards a sustainable economy across the markets in which we operate and are constantly striving for a sustainable future by collaborating with local partners to develop innovative solutions,” she added.

Through the connected recycling initiative, Alshaya aims to establish digital solutions to trace renewable and recycled material flows that will aid in providing increased transparency along the value chain through the adoption of digital trust. This, in turn, will aid in measuring the end-to-end journey of the materials used and drive the change of future packaging to contain recycled content.

Partnering with companies that champion circularity, such as Dgrade and Al Bayader allows Alshaya Group to achieve its goals for a circular economy through the implementation of programmes directed to recycling, reuse, reduction of waste, use of raw materials, reduction in water wastage, and many more activities that impact the environment and society we live in.

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