All In One Plus, a State-of-the-Art Dashboard for Complete Control and Visibility on Your Assets

All-In-One-Plus AG, the sister company of The Family Office and Petiole Asset Management AG, has unveiled its comprehensive digital wealth management dashboard “All In One Plus”.

This private and highly secure solution empowers users with a holistic, up-to-date view of their wealth; full control, tracking and monitoring of investments; secure and private storage of financial information; and consolidated portfolio performance analysis. All In One Plus also consolidates asset accounts via trusted connections with major international institutions.

The launch falls within the digitization strategy of The Family Office aiming to offer innovative and digital solutions, democratize private market investments and provide tools that help investors in managing their wealth and making informed decisions.

In line with this digitization strategy, The Family Office launched a digital investment platform in May 2022, allowing investors to build a portfolio and simulate its performance over 10+ years, receive a personalized investment proposal within 10 minutes, and invest in exclusive global private market deals.

Learn more about the future of wealth management with All In One Plus and explore the services offered by our offices here.

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