Al Salam Bank Introduces Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card in UAE Dirhams

Al Salam Bank has recently incorporated the UAE Dirham into its Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card. The new currency will join other available currencies on the card, including the Bahraini Dinar, US Dollars, Euro, British Pound, and Turkish Lira.

In line with Al Salam Bank’s ongoing efforts to provide flexible and convenient payment solutions, clients visiting the UAE can now enjoy a seamless shopping experience and make purchases without worrying about unexpected fees or currency exchange rates. Clients can request a Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card in any of the available currencies through the mobile application, Self Service Kiosks, or by visiting any of the Bank’s branches.

When shopping using the Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card through physical outlets or online stores, clients will be eligible to participate in monthly draws for a cash prize worth BD 1,000 for every BD 50 worth of total purchases or its equivalent when using Al Salam Bank’s Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card in UAE Dirhams, US Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, or Turkish Lira.

UAE Prepaid VISA cardholders can also enjoy lucrative offers including: up to 20% across Jumeirah hotels and spas, 15% in Intercontinental Hotel Group & Resorts, up to 10% discounts on, 10% discounts and priority tickets for the Museum of the Future in Dubai, and many more.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. Mohammed Buhijji, Head of Retail Banking at Al Salam Bank, said: “At Al Salam Bank, we pride ourselves on adopting a digital-first approach to meet the evolving needs of our client base. As such, we are pleased to announce the inclusion of the UAE Dirham among the currencies available on our Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card. Our clients will also have the opportunity to join our seasonal campaigns for the chance to win valuable cash prizes till year-end. This recent upgrade comes as part of our commitment to delivering distinctive financial solutions that enhance our clients’ overall banking experience.”

Al Salam Bank’s Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card offers an extensive lineup of exclusive benefits, including earning loyalty points through the rewards program, exclusive offers and discounts, highly secure transactions through a smart chip, easy top-ups through Al Salam Bank’s mobile application, Benefit gateway, or any of the Bank’s branches with up to BD 10,000, and ATM withdrawals of up to BD 500. As a globally accepted card, the VISA Card provides users with instant SMS notifications, enabling them to receive and view monthly eStatements. The Bank’s Multi-Currency Prepaid VISA Card does not charge any currency exchange fees as it automatically carries out transactions in the currency of the purchase.

For more information, visit the Bank’s website, WhatsApp on 17005500, or book an appointment with Al Salam Bank’s virtual branch via Skiplino.

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