Al-Jishi: The New Program maintains Unemployment Rates at Safe Thresholds!

Mr. Nawaf Al-Jishi, the Chairman of the Bahrain Society of Training Institutes, has confirmed that Bahraini training institutes are prepared to support the new program aimed at aiding the wages and training of 50,000 Bahrainis in the private sector annually. This initiative aligns with the royal directives and follows the approval of the Cabinet led by His Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister. The decision is also in accordance with the guidance of His Highness Shaikh Isa bin Salman, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Isa bin Salman Charity Educational Endowment and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Labor Fund “Tamkeen”.

According to Mr. Al-Jishi, over 70 training institutes in Bahrain have enthusiastically received news about the announcement of these programs. These initiatives, deemed the largest in Tamkeen’s history, have inspired these institutes to enhance their training programs and capabilities. Their determination stems from the goal of supporting the ambitious plans outlined in these programs, particularly in strengthening Bahrainis’ employment opportunities, expanding their career development initiatives, providing training in skills demanded by the labor market, and preparing them for leadership roles in private sector organizations, including middle and senior executive positions.

“The new programs prioritize training and career advancement, recognizing the importance of encouraging Bahraini talents to access training opportunities. These initiatives aim to help them develop new skills and capabilities, ensuring the sustainability of their employment even after the support concludes. Furthermore, emphasizing their presence within the organization is crucial for enhancing performance, productivity, and profitability.” Mr. Al-Jishi said.

Additionally, Mr. Al-Jishi highlighted the willingness of training institutes to actively participate in the Ministry of Labor and the Labor Fund “Tamkeen’s” efforts to develop apprenticeship programs, encompassing both employment and training within the framework of the new support initiatives. He underscored the significance of this direction, particularly considering the vocational sector’s abundant promising job opportunities for a significant number of Bahraini professionals.

Mr. Al-Jishi concluded his statement by emphasizing the pivotal role of the new support programs in ushering in an unprecedented era of growth in terms of employment and training. These initiatives play a crucial role in maintaining unemployment rates within safe limits, boosting the overall income of Bahraini citizens, and fostering stability within families and communities while aiding in economic recovery.

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