Al Dana Amphitheatre Gears Up for an Unforgettable Race Weekend

As part of the highly-anticipated Bahrain race weekend, Al Dana Amphitheatre, the Kingdom’s premier entertainment venue, is gearing up to organize a series of exciting events and activities.

This Thursday, comedy enthusiasts can look forward to the performance from global sensations Trevor Noah and Kevin Hart. Tickets for the show are still available and selling out fast. Visitors to Al Dana Amphitheatre this weekend will also be able to enjoy the new Walkway Experience with a diverse range of food vendors, a garden, and other amenities that make it the ideal pre-event hang-out spot.

Look out for the Rooftop View, an exhilarating lounge and restaurant exclusive to Bahrain’s race weekend. Overlooking the BIC landscape from the 29th of February until the 2nd of March, attendees can get their tickets online and look forward to an unforgettable night.

Al Dana Amphitheatre will have a designated booth during the race days at the BIC where attendees can learn more about events taking place at the venue this season as well as purchase tickets to upcoming shows.

For news on all upcoming performances, updates as well as ticketing information, follow Al Dana Amphitheatre’s social media accounts; Instagram (@aldana_amp), X (@aldana_amp), Facebook (, TikTok (@aldana_amp) and Snapchat (@aldana_amp).

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