Al Baraka Group and its Subsidiaries Organize Second Annual Al Baraka Day

The second annual charity “Al Baraka Day” was held in all the countries where Al Baraka Group B.S.C. (ABG) operates. It is a day that brings together families and friends of the Group’s employees and Banks to carry out charitable activities centered around serving their local communities. This step aligns with the Group’s core values ​​to adopt an approach that shares mutual benefits with partners in success, which are customers, employees, shareholders, and communities in general.

The Group and its Banks have organized their charitable activities under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG), which is “No Poverty” (SDG 1).

In Bahrain, ABG’s employees visited the Muharraq Social Welfare Center and organized several recreational activities for the elderly. This initiative comes within the framework of the Group’s social responsibility program, and it is based on Partnership, one of the Group’s core values, which reflects employees’ commitment to the communities the Group and its Banks serve across three continents.

Mr. Houssem Ben Haj Amor, CEO and Board Executive Member at Al Baraka Group commented: “Our employees are dedicated to making a positive change in their local communities. Accordingly, we have organized the second Al Baraka Day to impact those who are less fortunate positively. This initiative aims to support our endeavors to achieve the first goal under the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is ‘No Poverty’.”

Over 100 employees contributed to community projects that positively impacted over 5,000 people across different countries. The projects included: donating clothes, footwear, blankets, computers in schools, devices to speed up the process of examining children in public hospitals, installing devices and lights that save energy, providing meals, building a children’s playground, and others.

For more information on Al Baraka Day, please visit #AlBarakaDay #IAmAlBaraka #AlBarakaTeam #ThereWhereYouAre on social media platforms.

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