AGU Waste Management Programme Students Visit Crown Waste Recycling Factory

The students of the third cohort in the Professional Diploma in Waste Management Programme at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) had the opportunity to learn about the recycling process for various types of waste, including plastic, metal, medical and hazardous waste, and electronic devices, during their visit to Crown Waste Recycling Factory, where they witnessed how these materials are transformed into reusable materials in a sustainable way.

On the occasion, Dr Sumaya Yusuf, Assistant Professor of Environmental Engineering at the College of Graduate Studies (CGS)m and the Programme Coordinator, highlighted the importance of these field visits in enhancing the knowledge of diploma students.

She emphasised that waste management has become a significant challenge in urban areas worldwide and understanding environmental pollution and implementing sustainable waste management practices are essential.

“It is crucial for students to grasp the value of waste management in an integrated and sustainable manner, preserving resources through a circular approach, rather than a linear one that depletes them,” Dr Yusuf stated, while also stressing the need to raise awareness about sustainable production and consumption in the region by learning from successful experiences and projects.

Furthermore, the students explored ways to view waste as a resource rather than mere waste, aiming to maximise its potential benefits, where sustainable production and consumption practices help minimise resource waste and promote the adoption of a circular economy, which contributes to the protection of the environment, economy and society.

The CGS, in collaboration with the Community Service, Consultation, Training and Continuous Learning Centre (CSCTCLC), launched the third cohort of the Professional Diploma Programme in Waste Management. The programme admitted students from various sectors of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, including municipal, industrial, health and commercial sectors, receiving participants from the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Professional Diploma Programme in Waste Management is the first accredited programme of its kind in the GCC and the Arab region. Its recent accreditation by the Chartered International Institute for Waste Management (CIWM) in the UK further solidifies its status.

To date, the programme has produced 44 graduates who have become experts in the field of sustainable waste management, benefiting the communities of the GCC countries. The programme is offered in the evening with a flexible dual education method, incorporating both virtual and in-person learning.

Additionally, this batch of the programme has received support from the UN Environment Programme’s Regional Office for West Asia and accreditation from the CIWM. It aims to support the sustainable development goals and visions of the GCC countries.

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