AGU to Host Annual Library Open Day on February 29

The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) Library is organising the Library Open Day on February 29, 2024, an event held annually to promote the library’s strategy and introduce its scientific and research resources and services to students, researchers, academic professors and other interested parties. The goal is to encourage them to utilise the resources in the best way possible, enhancing the library’s role as a knowledge service facility that supports the university’s teaching, research and innovation efforts.

Dr Khaled Habchi, Library General Supervisor, explained that the Library Open Day is an excellent opportunity to engage with students, academic staff and other users about the services provided by the library. Through discussions and presentations during this annual event, awareness of the library’s importance in the academic community is raised. He explained that the event also highlights the library’s resources, services and efforts in developing office services, showcasing its adaptation to advancements in the digital environment.

Additionally, Dr Habchi emphasised that the Library Open Day allows users and beneficiaries of library services to stay informed about emerging trends in accessing and utilising information. The event will include the launch of the library’s new electronic portal, the introduction of the university’s electronic resources and an overview of library information services. Attendees will also have the opportunity to explore resources of the Saudi digital library and participate in a book exhibition, as well as enjoy various intellectual games.

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