AGU Participates in National Genome Campaign 

The Arabian Gulf University (AGU) participated in supporting the National Campaign for the Bahraini Genome Programme, in coordination with the Ministry of Health, where a team from the National Genome Centre was present in the University’s lobby, and members of the administrative body and Bahraini students studying at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences (CMMS) and the College of Graduate Studies (CGS) took the initiative to take the necessary tests.

On the occasion, Dr Abdulrahman Ismael, Vice President of AGU for Administrative Affairs, stressed that the University is keen to support this national campaign, which is considered as one of the prominent initiatives that aim to secure better life opportunities for current and future generations by providing a DNA database that will contribute to early detection of diseases that citizens are likely to suffer from.

He also underlined that the National Genome Campaign also contributes to improving treatments for various diseases in the context of a national health strategy that aims to raise the quality of health and preventive services.

In conclusion, Dr Ismael commended on the efforts made by the Ministry of Health and the National Genome Centre in organising this campaign, which seeks to collect 50,000 Bahraini genome samples by the end of 2024 across Bahrain’s four governorates, with the aim of raising the quality of health services and prevent diseases using the latest innovative scientific methods.

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