AGU Equal Opportunities Committee Members Visit Children and Mother Welfare Society

Ways to deepen future cooperation and learning about the pioneering role of Bahraini women in community service were reviewed during the visit of members of the Equal Opportunities Committee at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) to the Children and Mother Welfare Society (CMWS), on the occasion of Bahraini Women’s Day, which falls on December 1.

The most prominent contributions that Bahraini women have provided to society since the inception of the CMWS were also highlighted during the meeting held at the CMWC headquarters.

Heading the committee delegation was Professor Randah Ribhi Hamadeh, Committee Chairperson, and consisted of members, Dr Afaf Mubarak Bugawa and Ms Ghada Abdulla Al Buflasa, who were received by HE Shaikha Hind bint Salman Al Khalifa, President of the CMWS, Ms Sawsan Qambar, Secretary of CMWS and Ms Ibtisam Al Jamea, Head of the Cultural and Activities Committee, where they were briefed on the CMWS activities and the services it provides to the Bahraini community.

For her part, Prof. Hamadeh provided a detailed explanation of the establishment of the committee in 2017 as per a decision of the late Dr Khaled bin Abdulrahman Al Ohaly, former President of AGU. She also gave an overview of the committee’s membership, its goals and its achievements over the past years.

Furthermore, Prof. Hamadeh noted that the results of the research conducted by the committee on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on university employees from a gender perspective, which was published by the Arabian Gulf Journal for Scientific Research and issued by AGU.

The study aimed to determine the psychological and social impact of the pandemic on the employees of AGU, and to identify the determinants work productivity among university employees during the pandemic, determining the extent of university employees’ satisfaction with the university administration’s interest in its employees, the direction of the preventive measures it took during the pandemic, and evaluating changes in the relationships between employees and their superiors during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, CMWS President explained to committee members about the society establishment since 1953 and praised CMWS late members. She also reviewed the number of committees affiliated with CMWS and the activities that it carries out and the nature of the work of the institutions affiliated with it, such as kindergartens, nurseries, Al Amal Institute for Special Education and others, pointing out that the society is in the process of establishing a new kindergarten at its headquarters to be named Shaikha Lulwa Kindergarten and Nursery.

On this occasion, Shaikha Hind said: “CMWS organises three events every year: the Al Khair Dish Festival, Hawa Markets and the International Embassy Market. It also organises conferences and its members participate in conferences related to women and children.”

Shaikha Hind also presented the committee with some of CMWS publications, including two volumes documenting the history of the society and a book that was published in CMWS 50th anniversary titled “Lulwah, the Biography of the Sweet and the Bitter,” which is the biography of the late Shaikha Lulwa bint Mohammed bin Abdullah bin Isa Al Khalifa, the former president of CMWS, who was one of the pioneers of women’s voluntary work in Bahrain and within the group who established the society, in addition to other publications, such as the latest issue of Al Raya Magazine, which is the first women’s magazine in Bahrain issued by the society.

Committee members also discussed the means for faculty members and students at the AGU to benefit from the resources and references available in CMWS, appreciating the warmth and good reception given by Shaikha Hind.

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