AGU Alumni Participate in Gulf CDC’s Regional Academic and Research Forum in Public Health Held in Riyadh

The College of Medicine and Medical Sciences (CMMS) at the Arabian Gulf University (AGU) recently announced the participation of five of its Gulf alumni in the Regional Academic and Research Forum in Public Health, organised by the Gulf Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (Gulf CDC) in Riyadh.

The forum aimed to enhance cooperation and improve healthcare in the GCC region by discussing the challenges and important issues in academic research programmes and strengthening communication networks between GCC countries.

It focused on the topic of “Bridging the Gap: Translating Research into Policies and Practices for Challenges and the Way Forward”, with experts highlighting the importance of transforming scientific research into evidence-based policies to address current health challenges and improve the quality of healthcare. Sub-sessions were held to discuss public health education and recommendations, particularly in the Cooperation Council countries.

Dr Salman Hamad Al Zayani, Assistant Professor of Public Health at the CMMS, presented a paper on professional perceptions of the public health specialty among doctors in the GCC countries, while Professor Sumaya Hussain, representative of the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA), presented a paper on clinical research and public health from a regulatory perspective.

Dr Al Zayani expressed pride in the participation of AGU alumni in the forum, highlighting their professionalism, devotion to the medical profession and contribution to the development of the medical field in the GCC region. He emphasised the University’s commitment to strengthening Gulf health cooperation and being an active partner in joint plans and programmes.

Other Gulf alumni who participated in the forum included Dr Adel Al Sayyad from the Ministry of Health in Bahrain, Dr Nada Al Naji from the Gulf CDC in Saudi Arabia and Dr Abdullah Al Manji from the Ministry of Health in Oman.

The forum serves as a platform for experts to interact, exchange experiences, and contribute to strengthening public health in the region, in line with the Gulf CDC’s vision for developing the health sector and disease prevention in GCC countries.

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