ACTION LABS Unveils ‘Think Pink’ Breast Cancer Awareness Initiative for Entrepreneurs & Women who help shape our society

Action Labs Agency has introduced a novel initiative with a primary focus on promoting early breast cancer awareness among women in the Kingdom of Bahrain, starting from a young age.

The CEO of Action Labs, Mrs. Shaikha Alseddiqi, detailed the “Think Pink” initiative, wherein the agency showcases Bahraini female entrepreneurs, talents, thought leaders, SMEs, and large enterprises in various industrial, commercial, and service sectors. This initiative also encompasses capturing personal photos of these trailblazing women to spread awareness through societies thought leaders.

Quote from Action Labs CEO, Mrs. Shaikha Alseddiqi:

“Let us unite as Bahraini entrepreneurs and talents, coming together under this initiative to champion a vital message about the significance of early breast cancer detection, even from a young age. Through this collective effort, we underscore the pivotal role that prioritizing our health and well-being plays in advancing our society, ensuring our families’ stability, and fostering unity and prosperity in our society and nation. Together, we can create a powerful impact, spreading awareness and making a difference in the lives of many,”

Mrs. Alseddiqi emphasized that the “Think Pink” initiative serves as a unique platform for women entrepreneurs, talents and business owners. Focusing on entrepreneurs, was important for me as often these are the female leaders that help shape society. We want to help and inspire female thought leaders of our country to share awareness for a cause that means so much to so many.

Furthermore, Mrs.  Alseddiqi highlighted that this initiative underscores Action Labs’ social responsibility, demonstrating the agency’s ongoing commitment to collaborate and introduce innovative initiatives that promote health awareness and bolster the entrepreneurship sector.

These efforts align seamlessly with the company’s vision, which is dedicated to bolstering the national economy and empowering Bahraini women. In this endeavor, Action Labs remains in harmony with the government’s objectives of achieving economic diversification and fostering sustainable growth.

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