63% of Suhail housing project’s units booked on Housing Finance Exhibition’s first four days

63% of the units of “Suhail” housing project have already been booked, Housing and Urban Planning Ministry announced.

The housing project was implemented following the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Planning to expand the Government Land Development Programme and implement eight additional projects in partnership with the private sector during 2023-2024.

The units of the “Suhail” project, which is the first to be implemented under the Government Land Development Programme, were booked during the first four days of the second Housing Finance Exhibition, inaugurated by Deputy Prime Minister, Shaikh Khalid bin Abdulla Al Khalifa, at City Centre on June 15, and will run until June 24.

According to the Housing and Urban Planning Ministry, the citizens who meet the eligibility criteria of its financing services had reported massively to “Suhail” project pavilion since the opening of the exhibition, adding that those who had booked their units will have to complete the purchase procedures within the following days.

The ministry indicated that high turnout of the citizens and the great number of booked units from the “Suhail” project on the first days of the exhibition reflect the objectives of the Government Land Development Programme in providing a supply base of housing units that is appropriate to the value of financing granted by the ministry to citizens, adding that the commercial banks participating in the exhibition provide exclusive offers to help citizens choose housing units immediately.

The ministry revealed that over 10,000 citizens had visited the Housing Finance Exhibition on its first four days, and were informed about the offers of the real estate development companies, including units, flats and residential areas.

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