2nd in world and 1 in middle east to approve the use of CASGEVY

Following the directives of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, to ensure the Kingdom of Bahrain maintains quality healthcare services for its citizens, Bahrain has become the second country in the world and the first in the Middle East to approve the use of CASGEVY (exagamglogene autotemcel) for the treatment of patients with sickle cell disease and transfusion-dependent beta-thalassemia. The treatment was developed by Vertex Pharmaceuticals and CRISPR Therapeutics, after conducting a series of successful clinical trials in the UK, US, France, Italy, and Germany, among others. 

Following the UK MHRA’s authorisation to use CASGEVY, Bahrain is the second country in the world and the first in the region to approve this treatment. 

This extraordinary development opens up new possibilities for medical advancements and reinforces Bahrain’s commitment to pioneering healthcare solutions, offering a better quality of life for patients with these blood disorders. 

By embracing the revolutionary therapy, Bahrain is not only demonstrating its commitment to improving the health and well-being of its people but also positioning itself at the forefront of medical advancements in the region.  

The confirmation of approval by the National Health Regulatory Authority (NHRA) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, followed a thorough analysis and review undertaken by NHRA. The NHRA added that the safe treatment relies on blood transfusion by extracting stem cells from an eligible patient and infusing a healthy copy of the stem cells back into the body again. The NHRA outlined that work is underway to identify the target groups and patients eligible to use and benefit from the treatment. 

Commenting on this, Dr. Ahmed Alansari CEO of the National Health Regulatory Authority in Bahrain said “The approval of the use of CASGEVY in Bahrain marks a significant turning point in the array of treatments on offer to Bahrainis. It is a testament to the country’s visionary leadership, and government, led by His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and Prime Minister, and its dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to improving the lives of its citizens, while ushering in the highest quality of health care and wellbeing for them”.


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