24 firms licensed to practise private enforcement

Nawaf bin Mohammed Al Maawda, Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments, received the representatives of 24 licensed private enforcement firms, who took the oath after passing the licensing requirements to serve as private enforcers.
The minister said that the licensing for the new batch of private enforcers will contribute to enhancing the services delivered by this vital sector, as part of initiatives aimed at ensuring access to justice, in order to achieve the principles of sustainability, justice and competitiveness on which Bahrain Economic Vision 2030 is based.
Minister Al Mawada stressed the importance of the role of enforcement officers in enforcing judgments and other executive bonds in accordance with the jurisdiction assigned to them by law, which is within the framework of cooperation with the private sector, and supports the objectives of the Economic Recovery Plan, by raising the efficiency, effectiveness and speed of enforcement procedures and court-supporting services according to clear and specific paths.
The minister pointed out that enforcement officers must adhere to accuracy, honesty and sincerity while carrying out their licensed work and procedures, preserve the secrets and dignity of the profession, and fully enforce judicial verdicts and orders issued by the enforcement courts to the fullest.
Under the law, a judgement creditor shall seek the assistance of a private enforcer to complete the enforcement procedures in the files in which rulings were issued to seize the enforcement debtor’s funds, including real estate, vehicles, movables, shares, and documents.”
Licensed private enforcers may also be requested to carry out the notification procedures, submit the enforcement requests, and follow up on the actions taken.
The Notary Directorate at the Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments Ministry shall undertake the administrative inspection of the work of private enforcers to ensure their commitment to their legally prescribed duties.
The same directorate also receives complaints filed against private enforcers or their agents.


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