14 Bahraini Tech Innovators to Participate at LEAP 2024

Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) convened a meeting with 14 ICT Bahraini companies, all set to participate in the “LEAP 2024” exhibition and conference.

This event, recognized as the largest technology gathering globally, is scheduled to take place at Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Center starting (Monday) March 4, 2024 till 7th of the month.

During the meeting, the work team from BTECH provided a comprehensive overview of the exhibition. This encompassed intricate insights into the overall layout of the pavilion and the websites representing the participating companies. Emphasis was placed on the significance of Bahraini companies seizing the opportunity to invest in this global technical event. The team highlighted the value of active engagement with leading international companies in the technical sector, gaining insights into the latest developments, and fostering regional and international partnerships.

The meeting extensively discussed the available capabilities and the necessary preparations needed to ensure the readiness of Bahraini participation in the exhibition. The primary objective is to seize this opportunity to showcase the true essence of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a leading center for information and communications technology in the Gulf region and the Middle East. Furthermore, the meeting aimed to promote the Kingdom’s technical entrepreneurship system and attract international investments. There was a strong emphasis on the crucial role of participating companies in redoubling their efforts to promote institutions within the private technology sector, emphasizing the world-class products, services, and solutions they bring to the forefront.

Mrs. Ameera AlQubaiti, BTECH’s Board vice chairman, affirmed the support extended by the Society to participating companies. This support is complemented by various other initiatives and partnerships that the Society is actively pursuing in the technology sector.

As part of its commitment to enhancing the capabilities of national talents, BTECH aims to provide promotional opportunities that contribute to the improvement of their work, elevate sales, develop strategies, and address service gaps in the Bahraini market.

Mrs. AlQubaiti said: “I expect the Bahraini pavilion to garner significant interest from senior officials and key decision-makers in both regional and international markets. This attention is poised to significantly enhance the ongoing qualitative renaissance observed in the information and communications technology sector in Bahrain.”

Additionally, Mrs. AlQubaiti emphasized during the meeting the significance of LEAP 2024 in updating Bahraini companies on the latest advancements and global trends within the sector, along with insights from leading companies, and highlighted its role in accelerating the digital transformation imperative for coping with the significant changes in the global economy. He pointed out that Bahraini participation would unlock numerous opportunities, enabling companies to refine their business models by incorporating advanced technological solutions showcased during the exhibition. Interactions with investors, customers, and partners during the event and meetings would further contribute to this process.

LEAP 2024 is set to feature the participation of over 1,000 international technology companies and 600 emerging technology companies, attracting more than 172,000 visitors. This platform provides an opportunity for participating companies to demonstrate their capabilities to a global audience, facilitating promotion, development, expansion, increased sales, and the establishment of a new customer base.

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