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Record Xbox sale

Microsoft Corp sold over one million of its new Xbox One game consoles within 24 hours of their hitting store shelves on Friday, on par with Sony Corp’s PlayStation 4 despite launching in far more countries. The new console, which was launched in 13 countries, set a record for first-day Xbox sales and is currently sold out at most retailers, Microsoft said in a statement. Sony said it sold one million PS4 units in 24 hours after launching one week back in just the United States and Canada.

The PS4 expands to other regions, including Europe, Australia and South America, from Nov. 29. It then hits Japan in February. Microsoft is locked in a console war with Sony this holiday season. The software giant hopes the Xbox One not only entices gamers but attracts a broader consumer base of TV fans and music lovers with its interactive entertainment features and media apps. “We are working hard to create more Xbox One consoles,” said Yusuf Mehdi, corporate vice president of marketing and strategy at Xbox. Both the PS4, priced at $399 in the United States, and the Xbox One, with a price tag of $499, offer improved graphics for realistic effects, processors that allow faster game play and a slew of exclusive video games.

Meanwhile, the launch of Xbox One received mixed reaction in Bahrain. Gamers expect a strong competition between it and its rival PS4 when it hits the Bahraini markets. Speaking to DT News, Bahrain Game Developers founder Ameen Al Tajer added, “We are about to witness a strong competition between Xbox One and Ps4. But I am not impressed with the Xbox One. I find it more like an entertainment device for watching movies, listening to music, multitasking and social networking than as a gaming device. It is better suited for gamers in the USA than the gamers here in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. But the hardware of the Xbox One is much better than PS4. So the game developers would prefer it over the PS4.”

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